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Nouns are words that we use in order to refer to persons, objects or places.

There are different types of nouns. 

Example: proper nouns like Amina/ common nouns like: girl

one of the most confusing items in English grammar are verbials (participles, infinitives and gerunds)

Some verbs may be followed by the infinitive (with or without to),by the gerund or by both forms (with or without changing the meaning. we use gerunds to describe an actual, or fulfilled action. We use generally use infinitive to describe potential, hypothetical, or future events. 

gerunds infinitives cours 2.docxgerunds infinitives cours 2.docx


English tenses COURSE 8.docxEnglish tenses COURSE 8.docx

One of the basic elements of englisg grammar is the noun. Together with the verb they form the basic lements of the sentence. They can be countable or uncountable. Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted and have singular and plural forms; uncountable nouns, on the other hand, can not be counted and do not have plural forms. it is very important for learners to know how countable nouns form their plural, most specifically those that have irregular plurals, and to identify those that are noncount.

Nouns cours1.docxNouns cours1.docx

 Engish course 1st week of May


Simple sentences can be expended by using participial phrases. A participial

phrase is a phrase that looks like a verb but actually functions like an adjectice. It

modifies a noun or a pronoun in the sentence. It makes your writting more stylish.

 A participle can be either a present participle ( active idea) or a past participle

passive idea).

In the present lecture, we explain the use of the participial phrase, its function in

the sentence as well well how to avoid writing dangling participials ( wrong


Participial phrases.docxParticipial phrases.docx

A number of exercies  are proposed to  students to help them learn and practice the rules concerning, non count nouns, the plural of  English nouns as well as the quantifiers used with each of them.  

nouns.TD 1.docxnouns.TD 1.docx

keys to a number of exercises that have already been posted


English language contain a number of wors that can be confusing

for L2 English learners. They may be homophones or homographs.

confusing wordsccourse 3.docxconfusing wordsccourse 3.docx

English practicle course 1st week of May


Written English 2nd week of May