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Most novice or even experienced researchers find difficulty when writing

discussion/conclusion section.This difficulty is due to different causes such as

failing to relate the results to the research question or the finding may not be

consistent with other relevent research findings.This course will attempt to

answer the first part of writing discussion/conclusion section by focusing on the

structure of discussion model.

Writing a discussion section.docxWriting a discussion section.docx

Novice researchers  usually focus on reporting the results that they reach from their studies,but one thing that they often neglect is how to use language to attract the attention of the readers.Researchers need to convince referees and readers to notice their findings.This course will help the novice researcher to build his own model of results section.

Writing the result sectio1.docxWriting the result sectio1.docx

Now days, scientific community expect a lot from their researchers .Not only do they expect them to give quality knoweldge with regard to their field of expertise,but what they really want to see is how can this knoweldge open the doors to new ways(innovative) of thinking about scientific problems and that's where comes the importance of being authentic as a researcher .When the researcher is true to himself, he will start to learn how to be his best self.This will make him more unique and different than all other researchers .This course will try to show novice researchers how to become more authentic as a researcher .Thereby, guaranting more appealing and fulfilling career.

How to be authentic at international conferences.docxHow to be authentic at international conferences.docx

Many novice researchers are unaware of the tremendous role that can play no verbal language in delivering messages or meaning and influencing listeners.Exerpts say that we are always communicating nonverbally.Scholars or postgraduate students need to learn and how to implement and use noverbal language to establish themselves in scientific community and place themselves in the line up for promising scientific carrier.

Non vebal language and scientific seminars.docxNon vebal language and scientific seminars.docx

The capacity to write a good introduction is considered imperative for any researcher interested to get his paper published in scientific journal.Therefore,it is crucial for researcher to be good at language skills.The grammatical errors and mistakes in introduction can undermine research paper.This course will deal with the following aspect of language :tense confusion,idea connection,the use of active and passive voice,the structure of paragraph.

Grammatical skills for computer researchers 2.docxGrammatical skills for computer researchers 2.docx

Producing a research paper for computer science journal is imperative for researcher to asses his scientific contribution in the academic of the things that is decisive to the success  of his paper is the abstract .This course will deal with the different steps that post graduate students need to grasp to write a good abstract.

abstract 2.docxabstract 2.docx

Too many post graduate students enter the field of computer research with poor communicative skills.These post graduate do not understand the importance of using English in research paper .This document aim to discuss the different areas relevant to the use of english language in computer domain and explain why computer science post graduate students need to master the oral and writing skills necessary to boost their scientific and professional career.

how to write a title.docxhow to write a title.docx

if scholars want his articles to be read by reviewers and editors.He should ensure to grab their interest and make them decide to track his paper.He must provide his readers with strong reasons and motives to read his articles.this course attempt to deal with different steps that a post grade student needs to adopt in his introduction.

How to write an intoduction .docxHow to write an intoduction .docx

this section can come under different names in different research paper.Readers often find it under various names such as:material and methods,procedure,experiments,experimental,simulation,methodology.This course will introduce the novice researcher to the different steps of writing methodology section.  


Le cours est destiné aux doctorants (1ère année) du département d'informatique. Il vise à accompagner les doctorants par l'acquisition des connaissances dans les domaines suivants :

  •  Méthodologie de Recherche de l’information
  •  Classement de l’information (ex. outil Zotero)
  •  Analyse d’articles scientifiques
  • Comment préparer un état de l'art ?
  •  Rédaction scientifique : document technique, article scientifique, thèse
  •  Initiation à un outil de composition : Latex