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Module  : English 

Level : Second –Year LMD Licence Students

دراسات أدبية / لغوية 

Semester 2 Lectures.pdfSemester 2 Lectures.pdf


Ideas are generally expressed in groups of words called sentences. A sentence is a large grammatical unit used to express a complete thought which must be both syntactically and semantically correct. To this end , It is of  utmost significance to know and learn about the different constituents of the sentence , its structure and forms . In addition to this , the ability to vary sentence types in  writing allows students to control the pacing and clarity of their writing. This chapter lights up the constituents of sentence structure with the help of interesting examples and a careful selection of activities .

Learning Objectives  : 

At the end of this section, students should be able to :

-          Demonstrate understanding of sentence classification by purpose and kind .

-          Recognize the combination between words and groups of words within a sentence  .

-          Create  declarative , interrogative , imperative and exclamatory sentences using proper punctuation .

-          Define and identify each of the four types of sentences .

-          Distinguish between the different sentence forms by learning the different characteristics of each kind.

-          Read and write sentences that fit into each of the four types .

-          Know the different types of phrases.

-          Differentiate between Subordinate and Independent clauses .

Semester One Lectures .pdfSemester One Lectures .pdf

نشأ بعد العلم الّذي وضعه "فردينان دي سوسير" مدارسُ تنطلق من البحث في اللّغة في ذاتها ومن أجل ذاتها، لكنّها تبحث في توجّهاتٍ عديدة، تقع أبعدَ ممّا تصوّره المؤسّس.

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