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Course Title: Computer Science 2 - Introduction to Advanced Concepts

Course Content: This course is for students who have completed Computer Science 1 in the first semester. It's designed for those working towards a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a focus on Biomedical Engineering (GBM) It delves into advanced topics, including data structures, two-dimensional arrays, file storage, recursive functions, and algorithmic complexity.

This course includes both a lecture session and a practical session, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes held every week.

Target Audience: The target audience for this course comprises students who have completed Computer Science 1 in the previous semester.


  1. Mastering Data Structures: Understand and implement fundamental data structures, building upon the knowledge gained in Computer Science 1.

  2. Exploring Two-Dimensional Arrays: handling two-dimensional arrays, essential for data manipulation.

  3. File Storage Techniques: exploring ways to read, write and manage information from external data sources.

  4. Understanding Recursive Functions: Explore the details of recursive functions, a powerful programming idea used to solve complicated problems by referring back to themselves.

  5. Analyzing Algorithmic Complexity: Develop the ability to analyze and assess the efficiency of algorithms, considering time and space complexities.