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Ce cours et des exemples d'exercices est destiné aux étudiants de licence L3/SM Physique.


Ce cours est destiné aux étudiants de première année de la spécialité 'génie électrique' comme introduction au domaine de l'isolation électrique qu'ils vont rencontrer durant leurs parcours de formation. Ce cours permettra à l'étudiant de comprendre la nature micro-structurelle des propriétés diélectriques des matériaux.

Document N°1 


Scientific English e-learning user guidelines document (teaching via internet)

Intended to L3SM students for action starting from April 5th, 2020



Starting from April 5th, 2020 (end of spring holiday, we begin a new teaching method based completely on internet: the e-learning method.


The goal here is to succeed resuming our ‘’Scientific English’’ teaching unit (UET2) activities as normally as possible, in order not to fail our current academic year 2019/2020, despite highly disturbing but absolutely necessary COVID-19 healthcare confinement rules.


In this purpose, we use internet as the teaching basis with the help of the following tools:

  1. either direct e-mail correspondence with you as we are used to,
  2. or through regulated access to ‘’Oran 1 university e-learning platform’’    


In a 1st step, we shall still be using the simple usual tool of internet + email and I shall feed you directly on your email box with the necessary work documents as we are used to.


Within our ‘’Scientific English’’ course, we have currently two main ongoing activities to resume:


  1. The special ‘’Scientific English’’ Personal Homework (SEPHW) activity we have started well before spring holidays on early February 2020.

Within this personal activity, each of you could already get own SEPHW topics and is currently working on different steps of this homework (step1 and/or step2).

Some of you are still waiting for my response to their step 1 documents.

I’ll do send my feedback as soon as possible, and before the end of next week (04.05, 2020)


  1. Ordinary ‘’Scientific English’’ course activities, mostly as :

-          ‘’Scientific English selected texts’’ for reading, understanding, analyzing and reporting,

-          ‘’Scientific English selected movies’’ for watching/listening, understanding, analyzing and reporting.

Within this ordinary activity, I’ll feed you each week with either a text or a scientific movie for study and feedback from you.  


  1. Of course you can send me any dialogue/requests/documents any time via my usual email box and I will email my answer as soon as possible.



Take care, stay home!


Oran 03.30, 2020 Professor A Kadri


Le but c'est l'étude des interférences lumineuses en utilisant l'interféromètre de Michelson. C'est un TP qu'on fera ensemble en salle de TP si l'occasion se présentera.

Interférences lumineuses.pdfInterférences lumineuses.pdf