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Les objectifs de ce cours : Initier les étudiants à la recherche scientifique, les familiariser avec les méthodes et techniques de la recherche.  En d’autres termes  apprendre aux étudiants les différentes étapes de la recherche: comment choisir un bon sujet pour un mémoire de Master, comment élaborer une problématique pertinente, comment faire une collecte de données,  comment analyser ces données et rédiger leur mémoire, et comment écrire une bibliographie.

Idioms are very important when learning Engish because they are used frequently

in every day communication and are very likely to help you sound like a native.

idioms are figures of spech that become fixed in a language. they are words or

phrases that have figurative meaning that are conventionally undestood by native

speakers. A great number of them are very commonly and frequently used by

native British English speakers.



Oral Enlglish (cours/t.d.) 4th week of May

useful expressions (expressing agreement, disagreement,  asking for clarification...

oral english useful expression 4th week of may.docxoral english useful expression 4th week of may.docx

oral English (cours/T.D.)

delivering a successful presentation (continued)

the introduction- the audience questions-the conclusion.


oral english (cours/t.d) 3rd week of May

how o deliver a successful oral presentation (3)

the importance of body language and voice tone/ the importance of visual aids.

how to overcome public speaking stress. 


English shares with other languages thousands of cognates. these latter are words that are nearly the same in two languageswith the same meaning and etymology. yet, a nuber of them areconsidered as false cognates (or false friends). They are very confusing and may cause some misenderstanding or trouble sometimes. they are pairs of words from two different languages that look the same (when pronounced out  loud), but which have different meanings. 



oral conversation topics TD COURS 3.docxoral conversation topics TD COURS 3.docx

There are some differences between British English and American English in matter of syntax, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. The most noticeable of these differences concern vocabulary.

American English Vs British English cours 1.docxAmerican English Vs British English cours 1.docx

Oral English (cours/T.D.) 1st week of May 

How to Deliver an Effective Oral Presentation

1- General Introduction